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Nature Returns

Over the last few months I have been painting landscapes inspired by the storms and flooding that occurred in the southwest of England at the beginning of the year. My family home is in the south of Devon so I had first hand experience of how people felt/reacted and the physical damage done. However, as well as the obvious downsides to storms and flooding there was also a sense of drama and excitement - seeing gigantic waves and their massive impact. People have a very strange relationship to nature - if it goes their way it is unquestionably fantastic, if not it can be disastrous. I love the unpredictability of the elements, yet I would probably feel differently if I lived right by water...

I have about six paintings in this 'Nature Returns' series. I have largely worked from memory/imagination (from years of observing and sketching the sea) to create these works. I have been experimenting on linen which I feel conceptually ties in with the idea as it is such a natural fabric. I have never used linen properly before and it is an absolute joy to work on. The painting here was painted on herring bone linen which is very textured and thick. I love the way it holds the paint.

I am carrying on with this series but really feel the need to do some paintings from life. I am going down to the Thames to paint there. This is an essential part of my practise enabling me to work back at the studio.

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