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Klaus Enrique, The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, New York

I came across Enrique's photographs of Arcimboldo's motifs - it is great to seem them portraied in a new way. As a painter these assembleges made from real things look like still-lifes ready to be painted. Conceptually his idea is interesting too "Painting has the inalienable ability to create a fantasy completely removed from reality," said Enrique. "Photography arguably lacks that trait, but in return it provides a picture of reality that the most consummate photorealist can hardly match. This series brings a fantasy back to life." I also find it interesting that the faces are famous people - 'Pushing beyond the realm of Arcimboldo's scope, Enrique's work has moved into the arena of contemporary visual culture through his reinterpretations of icons like Darth Vader, Princess Diana, and Ghandi.'

​Klaus Enrique, Primavera (Medium), Photographic print, 30 x 40 in, Edition of 3

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